A Guide To Facebook Edgerank….in pictures!


October 20, 2012 by thatsocialmediathing

In my last post I talked (wrote?!) about some branded content having the nutritional value of potato chips – easy to manufacture, cheap to produce and high volume but ultimately no good.

Today I found an organic vegie patch of social goodness on Jeff Bullas website (via Firebrands blog) – Edgerank 101. It covers off some really simple principles you need to check off to ensure your content is seen, is relevant and has impact. Things like:

  • when to post and how often
  • how to format your messages for maximum impact
  • how much information you should give

Of course, none of this is a substitute for knowing your own community and tailoring your content according to those insights (more on that here!) but this provides a good set of guidelines.


One thought on “A Guide To Facebook Edgerank….in pictures!

  1. thanks for your support @lesleycarter !

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