NEWS FLASH – Content Marketing is HUGE!

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April 19, 2012 by thatsocialmediathing

Just in case you’ve been on holidays in a remote part of the world with no data connection for the past 12 months….Content Marketing has exploded!

Not exploded as in (aaarrrggghhh…rrruuunnnn!) but exploded as in (phwoar…we really need to get our heads around that).

Every conference and webinar, every dial in and blog are singing the virtues of Content Marketing.

All well and good, but what in the world does that mean? How does it apply to me (and you!) and how do I do Comtent Marketing?

Jeff  Bullas (@jeffbullas) recently published this on his blog – an infographic that talks to the variety of content you can use and how to integrate it across the customer purchase journey.

Check it out – let me know where you’re at with your Content Strategy.


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